OptyDash is a HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified All-In-One integrated business software suite.

OptyDash combines the most commonly used business and consulting tools into one cloud-based software platform where the applications are already pre-integrated and full of useful built-in automation’s and  integrations.

Below are many of the listed features: For more details, please download the PDF guide.

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CRM Client Management

Client Management & Automations

Embed Intake Forms On Your Site

Use Forms In Your Portal

Secure Client Portal

Powerful & Flexible Client Portal

Build Dynamic Data Dashboards

Dynamic Link Placeholders

Customize What The Client Can See

‘Company First’ Mode

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Pay For Portal Access

White Label Your Client Portal

‘Magic Link’ Login

File & Folder Sharing

Highly Organized File Structure

Powerful Shared Folders

Convenient File Request Feature

Folder Structure Profiles

Simple File Versioning

No Limit To File Size Or Type

Download Folder As Zip File

Project & Task Management

Kanban Project View

Project Overview Dashboard

Sequenced Project Templates

Auto-Generate Projects

Trigger / Actions Automations

Project & Task Files

Manage All Team Members

Search, Filter, & Sort Tasks

My Tasks Widget

Email Notifications For All Actions

Secondary Clients

Project Quick Switcher

Proofing & Client Approval

Get Task Approval From Clients

Intuitive Client Feedback Process

Visible Approval Tags

Automated Onboarding

Intake Forms

Onboarding Flows

Automate With Client Circles

Trigger / Actions Automations

Invoicing & Billing Tools

One Time Estimates & Invoices

Recurring Invoice Profiles

Subscription Dashboard

Time Tracking & Billing

Your Choice Of Gateway

Time Tracking & Billing

User-Managed Time Tracking

Private Hourly Rates

Intuitive Billing Conversion

Email & Drip Marketing

Choose Your Editing Experience

Collect Leads In Lists

Build Automated Drip Campaigns

Use Your Preferred SMTP

Integrated Calendar

Appointment Scheduling Toolkit

Bird’s Eye View Of All Tasks

Intuitive Filtering

Granular Task Management

Privacy Encrypted Email

Single Or Group Message Chains

Control Who Clients Can Message

Canned Message Responses

Keep Organized With Folders

Live Direct & Group Chat

Real-Time Team Chat

One-On-One Or Group Chat

Built-In Browser Notifications

Chat Sidebar Always Available